Experience the taste of Revolution at home with your very own bottle of our iconic Ice-Cold Flavoured vodka. All flavours are 20% ABV and each bottle makes 30 shots. Choose from nine of our best-selling flavours: - Apple - Bubblegum - Cherry - Classic Pear Drop - Peachy Cheeks - Pornstar Martini - Raving R'Berry - Giant Strawb FEELING PLAYFUL? Order our Lucky Dip to receive (at random) either one of the above-listed flavours or one of the following: - Atomic Bomb - Fiery Chilli - Espresso Martini - Lemon 'n' Lime - Jelly Baby - Sour Blast - Summerberry **Lucky Dip flavours are picked at random and dependant on stock. Specific Lucky Dip flavours cannot be requested.

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